Throughout the last six weeks I have been exploring the ideas, concepts and theories of media effects and the effects the media has on society, visual controversy and how they include signifiers and signifieds, the importance of media ownership and the influence it makes on our lives, the role of the mediated public sphere in providing a basis for a public debate about certain issues of the day, as well as what the media is being blamed for, and whether it is necessary and they deserve it.

Firstly, what interested me the most was the topic on who is to blame when the media causes conflict and controversy. It was interesting to me to find a bunch of examples of the different types of technological media that have a negative influence on people, which is what it is primarily the controversy it is ‘blamed’ for. The topic made me truly think about how medias such as social platforms, text messages as well as adverts can have extremely strong influences on people, including the harsh Mardon’s Illawarra Mercury article about the “sick freaks” on media platforms who influence people such as Courtney Love who was mentioned in the article so strongly and emotionally that it can cause suicide. Although the topic being relatively tragic in my case, I enjoyed it and it interested me – I never slacked off on the research and I found myself scrambling through numerous articles for heaps of simple examples of how the media can influence people, and how it is being blamed for that.

One of the other topics I also really enjoyed was about ‘ownership of the media’, which I primarily focused on Rupert Murdoch’s influence on society. When Sue had all the faces of powerful media owners on the screen in the lecture, I had little idea of who Rupert Murdoch actually was, and I was kind of holding off writing the blog task, but when I began covering Elizabeth Hart’s ‘Media Ownership’ (the reading for that week), as well as newspaper articles about his power and influence, with the Australian liberal party specifically, I found it really easy to write because I found myself truly interested in this Murdoch. The fact he is more influential than the politicians themselves and his alleged ‘attack’ on the Labor party through the media showed me how powerful he really was, especially after I had a vague idea of who he was in the first place.

To reflect, its been great writing this blog post so far.

And now for the stuff I didn’t find all that great. The topic on how the media operated as a sign didn’t seem as interesting as the ones I mentioned earlier. I found my ‘conflicting’ text, which was an advertisement to prevent the testing of products on animals, which was the connotation, and the denotations were simply a rabbit powdered in make up with an unhappy expression, which gave it that implication. I thought what we were asked to blog about leaned a lot towards how we perceived it, which was pretty straight forward after learning the concepts in the lecture and the tute. I felt like I needed to do research, but I didn’t really see the point if I had done everything the moodle site asked me to simply by analysing the text and reporting my findings. I was happy to do it, but it just wasn’t as interesting to me as the others.

Overall, I did enjoy making my first ever blog, and I am getting the hang of Twitter. I found WordPress a more fun was to report/document a topic, and allowed me to give it a personal style, which made it so much easier to write. At first I was pretty much against using wordpress and had my doubts about the subject, but I managed to assimilate with a new form of social media that benefited me by making it more effective in writing my BCM110 assignment.


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