Children and the media (something for this week)

When it comes to how children are presented in the media, it is expected that they will be happy, curious, and ordinary. Perfectly moral and ethical, after all, they are generally thought of as adults’ own children, or a symbol of where it is thought future generations will be heading. But when the line is blurred between childhood and adulthood, all sorts of issues are raised. The example of the Vogue cover of the ten year old girl posing as a stylish model, respectively a lot older than her, sparked all kinds of concerns and scepticism in the public.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.29.07 pm

When seeing something like that French Vogue cover, people think about how children are now being exploited and sexualised, which is of course extremely immoral and somewhat unethical. But I think that is because society inherently worries about the future, and when children are provoked in was such as what French Vogue has done, they become doubtful of the existence of morals in the future.

Also, parents constantly have concern for the ethical wellbeing of their children, and manage what they are exposed to. When children are sexualised or exploited in the media, parents my be outraged by what children are like today, and furthermore worry about their children.

I think that children obviously should not be presented as sexual in the media at all, in fact I think it was stupid for the magazine to put something like that on their cover. Its insane for them to present something and expect the audience to find them as attractive or ‘sexy’ as their ordinary covers, especially if it is men viewing this. But on second thought, my tutor Renee said she found that French Vogue cover pretty humorous, and I totally agree. Taking a step back from all the ‘sexualisation’ and shame, its pretty funny. Thinking of it that way makes the ethical conflict of children being presented in the media disappear, strangely.


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